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Respa Technology

Respa Spring Production

Respa springs are heat treated twice to ensure the ultimate in performance and durability and are designed to encourage good posture and offer dynamic support, ventilation and thermoregulation, ensuring a consistent and peaceful sleeping experience every night.

Respa manufacture all their own bed springs and never use recycled springs. With a Respa mattress, you can guarantee high performance springs that will last longer and offer reliable comfort and support. Respa is a leading supplier of spring support systems to bed manufacturers both in Ireland and the UK.

Sleepfresh Technology

Respa mattresses combine the latest innovations in fibre development with Purotex pro-biotic microcapsules proven to drastically reduce dust mite allergens. They offer comfort, support, and a fast cooling, hypo-allergenic mattress for the optimal sleeping experience. The Sleepfresh technology featured in Respa mattresses provides a fresh, dry and hygienic sleeping environment every night and the Purotex microcapsules release friendly bacteria into the mattress to combat dust mites, using nature’s own technology to enhance your sleeping experience.